Beldorian The Hutt: The Only Hutt Jedi

The Hutt Jedi…

Since we are ‘Saber Hutt’ I feel it is necessary to discuss the only Hutt who wields a lightsaber.

Force sensitive Hutt species are rarely seen in the Star Wars Cinematic Universe, but there is one that was known to be part of the Jedi order and learned the ways of the force. As you can imagine, he looks similar to Jabba the Hutt and carries a lightsaber… which in my mind, looks hilarious.

His name was Beldorian the Hutt, Jedi Knight. He was born in 400 BBY, and skillfully wields a purple lightsaber, similar to Mace Windu’s saber in the Prequels. He famously engages in battle with Leia Organa many years after his birth. Hutts are known to live for a long time compared to the average human in the Star Wars world.

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After becoming a Jedi Knight, he and a fellow Jedi Knight Taselda go on a mission to the outer rim as ordered by the Jedi Council, and both fall to the dark side. As Hutts are known to be evil characters in the Star Wars Universe, this makes a ton of sense.

Decades later in 13 ABY, Jedi Callista Ming arrives on Nam Chorios hoping to rediscover her connection to the Force. She is eventually captured. Meanwhile Leia Organa Solo, Chief of State of the New Republic, journeys to the planet on a separate diplomatic mission and is captured upon arrival. Luke Skywalker also travels to the planet in search of information regarding the disappearance of Ming. Leia later defeats Beldorian in a duel by slicing her lightsaber through his abdomen.

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