Happy Saint Patrick's Day - Enjoy $15!

Saint Patrick’s day is right around the corner and everyone at Saber Hutt is hoping that our community members gets to celebrate and take some time away from their computers, phones, and desks to spend time with friends and family! Check out our Saint Patrick’s Day deal below that can be used on any Base Lit or Xenopixel saber in our store!  

We have a St. Patrick’s Day deal going on until midnight tonight (3/17). Lucky You… you get to use the code: CLOVER15 for $15 USD off your order! How better to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day then with a green lightsaber! All of our sabers have a green blade feature, but some of our saber hilts are green too! Check em out today!  

$15 USD off your order using: CLOVER15– good until midnight tonight!

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