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Lightsaber Sound Fonts: Where to Find Them.

Hello there, lightsaber community, and welcome to another newsletter to help YOU, our loyal customers share their thoughts and learn about the different aspects of the lightsaber purchasing community and grow their knowledge of the Star Wars in general.

Today we are going to be talking about the different kinds of sound fonts that our lightsabers offer, along with how to find different sound fonts online for free, along with a few paid options if you want to invest some money in these incredible products.

Our lightsabers come in two variations, Base Lit and Xenopixel. The Base Lit option includes 9 awesome sound fonts along with the awesome smooth swing built into the hardware. The Xenopixel sabers that we offer are quite the step up for the sound fonts. There is tons of built in sound fonts already programmed into the hilt electronics, but the cool feature about the Xenopixel electronics is that you can take out the SD card, and upload your own sound fonts that you find on the internet!

Below is the top two saber font websites that I have thus far found. If you have more ideas on where to find these sound fonts, please comment below! 



Thanks so much Saber Hutt community!  

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Aug 24, 2022

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