Lightsabers: How Hot are They?
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Lightsabers: How Hot are They?

So… how hot is a lightsaber when it is ignited? There are several types of lightsabers in the Star Wars Universe, each with its specific temperature range. Most sabers with known temperatures range from 18,000°C to 25,000°C.The average medium-sized blade may reach temperatures of 20,000°F. 

The Star Wars fandom has based their knowledge of how hot these lightsabers are from the way they slice through certain materials. They seem to cut through stone, wood and softer metal with a quick swing of the blade. It also cuts through thick titanium like a butter knife. It's pretty clear how effective they are as tools in the Star Wars Universe, but some people forget the actual gravity of how hot these fictional weapons are. 

To put it into perspective, the center of the earth is only 6,000°C! The center of the earth is composed of molten rock and lava, yet a standard lightsaber is around 20,000°C.

Unfortunately, since our modern technology has yet to reach that of the Star Wars universe, we do not have real lightsabers and cannot cut through titanium if we wanted to… BUT Saber Hutt has the next best thing! We have amazing lightsaber options of both Colorful LED, and Xenopixel. We have a separate blog post that explains the difference between these options attached here

Although our sabers are only around room temperature (not 20,000°C), some of our best sellers below are incredibly advanced, and affordable! Check them out today, and join the force! 

     Particle Saber


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