Mace Windu's Lightsaber: Famously Purple
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Mace Windu's Lightsaber: Famously Purple

Mace Windu's lightsaber appeared when we only knew blue and green lightsabers existed. It shocked everyone and created a new realm of possibility for the lightsaber community. The first purple blade was seen in Attack of the Clones. This saber famously ended Jango Fett's life on Tatooine.

Mace Windu’s lightsaber is a crowd favorite due to the person wielding it and its unique color. Let’s talk about the different features of this saber. 


Mace Windu's purple lightsaber has a gold and silver hilt that sets it apart from others. His weapon has an electrum finish (a rare metal). When he joined the Jedi Council, he crafted this saber. Windu's saber features an amethyst-colored plasma blade. He pushed himself to the edge to create the ultimate lightsaber, something he had previously only imagined.

Mace Windu  has another Lightsaber?

Mace Windu carried a blue lightsaber before creating his one of a kind purple saber. To thank Eet Koth, he returned his Concordance of Fealty weapon. In the Jedi tradition, a Jedi lends his lightsaber to another Jedi in need. This approach is built on mutual trust as a proof of faith commitment.


In short, the purple color of Mace Windu’s saber was due to the will of Samuel L. Jackson. He knew he wouldn't be recognized on the big screen due to his knowledge of the size of the Battle of Geonosis. Notable among the sea of other blue or green sabers wielded by the Jedi. George Lucas agreed, much to Samuel L. Jackson's joy.

In an interview with Samuel L.  Jackson, George suggests a purple lightsaber:

"I longed to be a part of the enormous combat scene planned. That's why I gave George the purple lightsaber. Let's experiment. I am the Supreme Leader of the Jedi Order. I'm friends with Yoda! Unless he counts, I am the oldest. That's smart... I did manage to persuade him." 

- Samuel L. Jackson

Purple Hirikane Crystals

The Star Wars world would have to justify the actor's whim transition between episodes 1 and 2 in the prequel trilogy, so they decided to create the story of the purple crystals. The Stones is one of seven stories in the anthology. Finally, the anxious Jedi describes his quest for "the crystals that would make my lightsaber distinctive."

Yoda assigned the trainee, now fourteen, to discover a solution on Hirikane. He found stone people living there, including some purple shards.


Someone who can balance the dark and light sides of the force are known to wield purple lightsabers. Purple is a color formed by combining blue and red pigments. Mace Windu, although being a Jedi, has moral doubts. Especially when he killed Jango Fett and was ready to kill Palpatine.

In the same way as Mace Windu's Vaapad combat style has deeper meaning. Like Sith tactics, the Vaapad draws some of its power from unpleasant emotions like wrath. Although a purple lightsaber was never planned for Mace Windu, the color and its meaning are perfect for the character.

In the expanded world, figures like Revan and Darth Traya wear purple sabers. Personally I think that the color is an amazing addition to the colors of the sabers. I am sure we will see more characters with the purple saber in the Star Wars universe

Fan Art Credit: DarthTemoc

Cover Fan Art Credit: MizuriAU

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