Star Wars Butterflies: What Do They Mean?

Within the Star Wars Cinematic Universe, there is a few separate unique scenes involving blue butterflies in moments when the force is acting in mysterious ways. In the most notable instance, “The Mandalorian” – when Grogu reaches out through the force to find other Jedi on the seeing stone, it is known that some other living Jedi like Luke Skywalker or Ezra Bridger or any other living Jedi may be reaching back.

The Blue Butterflies are a sign of the light side of the force which is a great sign for Grogu in the future films he may be in. This theory of the light side of the force being connected to the Butterflies is confirmed when Kylo Ren turned to the light side in the final moments of his physical life. He became an ally of Rey at the end of the sequel trilogy and suddenly the butterflies surrounded the Sith Lord.

With this being said, possibly Kylo Ren was reaching out to Grogu for guidance in the light side of the force. This is purely speculation, but the option is always there! Either way, anytime you see Blue Butterflies in the future of the Star Wars films, remember that they bring hope for the light side of the force.

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