The Darksaber: Facts and History
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The Darksaber: Facts and History

The Darksaber fascinates Star Wars enthusiasts for several reasons. The Darksaber is undeniably unique, be it in design, sound, or difficulty in getting. So far it has been featured in two animated shows, a comic book, and now hit series, The Mandalorian. It also raises a lot of contextual questions...

We've gathered as much information as we can to help you unlock some of the mysteries. The fabled Darksaber is now ready to answer your questions. We will begin with a description of the most recognizable features that the Darksaber has to offer.


When the sword ignites, instead of a solid tube-like light blade, a curved flat blade like a katana emerges from the hilt. It looks to be shorter than a regular lightsaber but not technically considered ‘shoto’. Despite its dark energy and black color, the blade has a white glow effect that highlights the borders of the sword.

The Mandalorian lightsaber's hilt design is unique in the Star Wars universe as well. It's not cylindrical, but rectangular and geometrical, as the straight lines on the hilt show. The upper half of the handle has a thin slot for the blade's emitter and a short cross guard to protect the user’s hands from the dangerous weapon.

Fan Art Credit: Ravendeviant


The Darksaber's sound is more shrill than usual in the series. Second, the Mandalorian saber's sound changes according to how emotionally committed its owner is. The unique sound reinforces that the blade was created in a different era, unlike most lightsabers in the films.


You thought the Mandalorian sword had already disclosed all its oddities? Think again! It also absorbs some of the ambient light around the blade. This emphasizes its dark-side meaning... The black saber may also lure a conventional lightsaber's blade towards it. Personally I think the creator of this weapon wanted to relate the saber to a black hole.

According to Mandalorian tradition, the Darksaber's owner must vanquish the current owner. If it is not won in combat, the Mandalorian people believe that the user will be cursed in a way. Similar to all other lightsabers in the Star Wars Universe, the blade cannot pierce Beskar, Mandalorian armor.

 Fan Art Credit: DarthTemoc


The Darksaber's origin is not unknown, despite its numerous mysteries. A scene from Star Wars Rebels (Season 3, Episode 15) explains who designed the weapon and its history. Tarre Vizsla, the first Mandalorian who became a Jedi, created the Darksaber at his trial. Vizsla is said to have lived around a thousand years prior to the events in The Mandalorian series. He is a legend throughout the multiple films and series created. 

Fan Art Credit: AraxussYexyr


As stated previously, the weapon is obtained by beating the previous wielder in a duel or actual combat. The black blade signifies a leader and powerful demeanor for the one who acquired it in combat. Though I think that Mandalorians are a little too stubborn about this rule. They need to work together instead of challenging each other to duels for a sword…

The concept of the Darksaber representing a leader of the Mandalorian people is emphasized by its unique features and comes from a warrior nation (also unique). Because only the Mandalorian saber has this blade, the color black is a Mandalorian emblem. Even more so for House Vizsla, which considers itself the most politically involved.

The Darksaber has caused much controversy in the Star Wars universe. Many have touched it, but few have kept it. Knowing its intriguing powers, it is understandable that everyone wants it.

We, as viewers, do not fully understand the weapon because we have not seen its origins on the big screen but it sure is one of the most impressive weapons out there. We can expect a third season of The Mandalorian to reveal more about the black sword. Hopefully they throw in some history of Tarre Vizsla, and maybe even a mythosaur!


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Check out our variations of the Darksaber on the Saber Hutt website! Thanks for reading and feel free to reach out with comments, concerns, or just to talk about this wonderful universe.

Fan Art Credit: MizuriAU

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