Lightsaber Information

What are Base Lit Sabers?

The most budget-friendly option will be our Base-Lit Saber. This saber uses a high-powered LED at the base of the hilt, which shines through the blade to produce light. This is our combat-ready, dueling style saber and as a result, offers fewer customization and blade effect options compared to our Xenopixel or Proffie sabers.

What are Xenopixel Sabers?

This budget-friendly Pixel saber option is our XenoPixel Saber. This saber uses LED strips inside of the blade to produce light. Because of the style of lighting, this blade is slightly less durable for dueling, but has a more night and evenly lit blade. It also allows for customization in the sound and some blade effects.

What are Proffie - Neopixel Sabers?

The highest-tier pixel saber is our Proffieboard Neopixel saber. This saber uses the same style of LED strips as our Xenopixel blade, but with even more features than the Xenopixel. This board, while more difficult to program, allows much higher customization in sound, blade effects, and overall features.

Can Our Sabers Change Color?

Yes! All sabers have a full color spectrum to choose from at anytime! You can keep it on one color or rotate through them!

Do These Sabers Have Rainbow Blade?

The Xenopixel and Proffie - Neopixel sabers have a rainbow blade feature that comes programmed in!

Can You Connect Two Sabers Together?

Many sabers can be connected to a double blade light saber, mostly all base lit sabers. However, at least one of the sabers needs to have the pommel connector with a thread. Alternatively, you can buy a saber connector which we have on our accessories page.

How Customizable Are These Sabers?

All of Saber Hutt’s sabers are quite customizable. The blades on all sabers have a full rainbow spectrum of colors. Many of the options we have offer various hilt colors for all! The sound fonts on the XenoPixel sabers are programmable via an SD card.

How can I better understand how to use my saber?

Here is a link to the Saber User Guide on our website.

What are Blade Plugs?

The LED lights in our lightsabers are BRIGHT! Sometimes you'll want to remove your blade so you can wear your hilt or set it on a stand for display. When playing with a bladeless hilt, the LED shines very bright and can hurt your or bystander's eyes. Blade plugs are short polycarbonate plugs made similar to blades, but have a design/gizmos on the end to make it look like a real lightsaber. When they light up, they make very cool effects!

Where Can I Find Sound Fonts For My Saber?

Check out this link for more info!


Other Information

How Fast Are The Shipping Times For My Saber?

Saber Hutt has a 2-5 day order processing time and a 5-20 day range for worldwide

Does Saber Hutt Deliver To My Home Country?

Saber Hutt ships to over 200 countries worldwide. The only restrictions are with import laws in your home country (Please make sure this is acceptable in your country import laws)

What About Customs?

We are not responsible for any custom fees once the items have shipped. By purchasing our products, you consent that one or more packages may be shipped to you and may get custom fees when they arrive to your country.

Does Saber Hutt Provide Tracking Information?

Yes, you will receive an email once your order is fulfilled that contains your tracking information. If you haven’t received tracking info within 6 business days, please contact us.

How Can I Become An Affiliate?

You can become an affiliate and earn some extra cash by showcasing our products on your social media! Check out this link for more info on the program today!