Fallen Lightsaber

1 review
Electronics: Base Lit - Smooth Swing
Color: Black Hilt

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✅ Aluminum Alloy Hilt

✅ Smooth-Swing Motion

✅ Realistic Sound Fonts

✅ Hyper Fast Battery Charger

✅ Duel Grade 92cm (36”) Blade

 12 Watt LED (Base Lit)

 50-Watt LED (Xenopixel)

✅ Mute, Low and High Volume

✅ Infinite Blade Color Spectrum

✅ Flash on Clash

✅ Blaster Deflection

✅ And More!!



The Fallen Saber - A reliable and stylish tool for all light and dark siders to duel with, collect, or enjoy in any way they see fit... Containing a sturdy, metal hilt and the most advanced lighting and sound electronics FX. 

This custom designed saber provides a fresh look into the possibilities of galactic saber collections. You can switch between the light and dark side with the blade's wide color spectrum. Your fantasy of owning a lightsaber will certainly come to life with this choice! 

Included in package:

  • Saber Hilt
  • Base Lit Blade or Neopixel (Xenopixel, or Proffie)
  • 1 Saber Charger
  • 1 User Manual
  • 1 Hex Key and Screws 


    • Hilt Length: 38cm
    • Blade Length: 92cm
    • Blade Material: Polycarbonate
    • Handle Material: Aluminum Alloy
    • 2-3 Watts/4-8ohm speaker battery
    • 4-8 hours for full charge

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 1 review
        Fallen Saber Review and order experience

        I found out about this website from my friend who purchased a saber not long ago. When I saw on the website that they had the Fallen saber I new I would get it I emailed the them on the contact page and I had a response within 30 minutes, and that's a big difference compared to other companies which took a couple of weeks for a response. When I contacted the founder of Saber Hutt for the damaged version of the saber I wanted he immediately said he would get it for me and after a short period of time I got the saber in the mail and it didn't take long to delivering my package. When I opened the package I was surprised of the amazing quality of the case and the hilt I was also happy that it came with a spare light bulb. Taking out the batterie was simple and easy to do. When I turned on the saber I was so happy with the color's and the sounds. What I noticed from other saber brands is that when you swing the sound is delayed but this saber From Saber Hutt had perfect swing coordination and it sound amazing. The controls of the saber of how to change the sound of the color was a little confusing at first but after I read the manual it was easy. If I ever feel like wanting another saber this will be the place I buy from and I recommend you do as well. Thanks for the amazing customer service and saber quality you will have me has a customer again, FIVE STARS.



        Proffie - Neopixel Sabers

        The highest-tier pixel saber is our Proffieboard Neopixel saber. This saber uses the same style of LED strips as our Xenopixel blade, but with even more features than the Xenopixel. This board, while more difficult to program, allows much higher customization in sound, blade effects, and overall features.

        Xenopixel Sabers

        This budget-friendly Pixel saber option is our XenoPixel Saber. This saber uses LED strips inside of the blade to produce light. Because of the style of lighting, this blade is slightly less durable for dueling, but has a more night and evenly lit blade. It also allows for customization in the sound and some blade effects.

        Base Lit Sabers

        The most budget-friendly option will be our Base-Lit Saber. This saber uses a high-powered LED at the base of the hilt, which shines through the blade to produce light. This is our combat-ready, dueling style saber and as a result, offers fewer customization and blade effect options compared to our Xenopixel or Proffie sabers.

        User Guide

        Here is a LINK to our user guide

        More Questions?

        Check out our FAQ page at this LINK HERE

        Electronics Demonstration

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